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I’m a college student who loves writing poems and short stories as well as being a dragon&kitty&rat mom while making the most of life 😊

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It’s now the last day of no tv for a week. To be honest I’m happy that it’s over. Just because I do like to watch tv for at least an hour sometime during my day. It doesn’t have to be everyday but sometimes I like to watch tv while I write thoughts down. I usually do that when I’m trying to figure something out.

I also want to finish watching Bridgerton before I hear spoilers and get upset. But anyway, the last day I jumped for joy, yet I didn’t even watch tv as funny as that is. But…

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Day six of no tv. I feel at this moment I pretty much crashed and burned. I haven’t watched any tv, but I also haven’t been productive either. I just space out and feel depressed. I’m beginning to think that with winter here and the shorter days just doesn’t help me to stay on the happy side. It is life though; life has a way of catching up to us when we least expect it. So, pushing through is what I have been doing, it’s all I really can do honestly.

I made it this far and refuse to give…

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Day five of no tv. I made it this far without craving tv, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s gotten easier, I find that I actually get up and move around more than I did before. I find stuff to do without even realizing it half the time. So, seems to me I have formed a habit to stay busy. I now do Sudoku puzzles while I eat, or I will journal. Either way I have learned to stay mindful of myself and surroundings without having to think twice about it.

My phone stays lost. Meaning wherever I have left…

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Day four was well… a bit of a struggle and a little bit of a spiral. I wasted a lot of time zoning out and thinking about how to redo mine and my boyfriend’s bedroom so not much gone done. I kept wanting to reach for my phone for some kind of entertainment. I notice that I tend to do that when I’m frustrated or upset. So now that I learned why I reach for my phone I can now help myself with the problem I have created.

I still am sleeping better. So, I will take that as a…

Emma Rose

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